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Kesennuma Bridge City
~From the city of sharks to the city of bridges~

When you think of Kesennuma, you think of shark fin. “Shark Town”.
It boasts a share of more than 80% of domestic catches.
Its history dates back to the Edo period.

However, the current Kesennuma is. . . I think it has become a “town of bridges”.
Triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the construction of the Sanriku Expressway has progressed dramatically as a way of life.

As a result, the Kesennuma Oshima Bridge (Tsurukame Ohashi Bridge) will open on April 7, 2019, and the Kesennuma Bay Crossing Bridge (nickname: Kanae Ohashi) will open on March 6, 2021.

Oshima Ohashi is the largest arch bridge in Tohoku (356m). The Kesennuma Bay Crossing Bridge (1,344m) is also the largest cable-stayed bridge in Tohoku. Two of Tohoku's largest bridges in one city.

Not only that, there are nearly 50 major bridges in the city, such as Ohashi, Akebonobashi, Omosebashi, Kamiyamabashi, Namiitabashi, and Koizumiohashi, due to the earthquake disaster reconstruction. Including the small bridges connected to the Sanriku Expressway, about 100 bridges have been built in the last 10 years.

I think Kesennuma is the only city in Japan, or even in the world, that has so many bridges.

Welcome to the reborn Kesennuma
Visit Kesennuma Bridge City.

We are waiting for you with the shark fin course.

Representative Director Mitsuru Saito IV

company motto

With the motto of hospitality, Ikkeikaku
It will be the hotel you need in this area.

Management philosophy

  1. consciousness of thanks
  2. awareness of gratitude
  3. Awareness of usefulness
  4. Improving company and self capabilities

Company Profile

Company Name Hotel Ikkeikaku Co., Ltd.
representative Mitsuru Saito
Location etc. 1-4-7 Bentencho, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture 988-0036 [Map]
contact address

TEL 0226 (22) 0602 | FAX 0226 (22) 0702 | E-mail address

May 11, 1916
Established December 16, 1986
capital ¥90,000,000
Business content

Management of inns/hotels, management of restaurants/restaurants, etc.

License for hotel business Miyagi Prefecture (Kibo) Directive No. 580 International Tourist Hotel Development Law Registered Ryokan No.2427
Affiliation: National Hotel and Ryokan Life Sanitation Industry Association Miyagi Prefecture Hotel and Ryokan Life Sanitation Industry Association (one company) Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization (Public Corporation) Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation
Associated companies Sumiken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Asahi Corporation Yawaragi Osteopathic Clinic Fitness Eye